What Kind Of Protection Does A Bike Insurance Policy Provide?

People frequently experience great confusion when purchasing insurance. Do my motorbike insurance policies cover the two-wheelers I ride, for example? So, no, there is no to that question. When purchasing two-wheeler insurance, you purchase coverage for the vehicle, not the owner. You must get individual insurance policies for each vehicle, just as you need a unique registration certificate.

Bike insurance turns out to be a godsend. Before making a claim, we are unaware of its value. You can learn more about motorbike insurance in this post.

India Bike Insurance

Bike enthusiasts are pure bikers. They have an adrenaline boost while driving their treasured asset. The majority of the time, backed-up traffic makes the roadways crowded.

The best part about bike insurance is that most people can reasonably afford it.

Banks help people who are unable to purchase a two-wheeler with their funds. Banks provide loans with low-interest rates to realise their ambition of owning a two-wheeler.

Two-wheelers are easy to ride and require very little upkeep. These distinguishing characteristics boost two-wheeler sales and production, making India’s two-wheeler sector the biggest in the world.

It makes sense that there are so many bikes on Indian roadways. The problem is that to minimise traffic congestion, Indian roadways aren’t growing as quickly. Because of this, we require the assistance of insurance policies in order to protect both ourselves and our moving cars.

Considering the frequency of accidents, purchasing a bike insurance policy is not a luxury but rather a fundamental requirement. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, all vehicle owners must purchase bike insurance for any cars they drive on Indian roadways. In the event that your vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, bike insurance offers coverage to the insured vehicle and shields you from a variety of costs that you would otherwise have to cover out of pocket. In addition, a two-wheeler insurance plan provides you with protection from fire, theft, malicious acts, natural and man-made disasters, and more.

Additionally, if your car is involved in an accident and you cause bodily harm to a third party or property damage to a third-party vehicle, your third-party legal liability is also covered. Personal accident insurance is additionally offered. You can also opt-in for third-party bike insurance.

Bike Insurance Coverage Exclusions

The protection provided by bike insurance was already mentioned. Let’s now discuss the aspects of bike insurance that are not covered.

The motor insurance plan’s exclusions are shown below:

  • Loss of accessories
  • Any legal responsibility a hired driver may have
  • Personal accident protection for passengers
  • Any losses brought on by the driver’s negligence
  • Normal deterioration of the car
  • Driving while under the effects of narcotics, alcohol, or sedatives.

Extra Riders

If you’re not happy with the fundamental insurance protection provided by a plan, you may always purchase supplemental insurance in the form of extra riders provided by your insurance provider.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.