Can Crypto Payment Gateway Accelerate Small Business Growth?

Small businesses contribute significantly to the nation’s overall economy. The remarkable feature of small enterprises is that they have started accepting cryptocurrency payments. An extra payment option for buyers has helped in leading to better conversion and income. C

Customers like crypto payments because it offers matchless convenience in terms of transaction speed, anonymity, moderate charges, and security. Online businesses are in a hurry to adopt cryptocurrency payment because it opens doors to the international market and finds new customers including the ones who don’t have a bank account.

What’s a crypto payment gateway?

It is a third-party payment processor or exchange that handles the buying, selling, trading, and conversion of cryptocurrencies and digital assets into fiat currency and vice versa. If you are looking for a trusted payment gateway Ethereum in UK with bank account with interest then visit Suissebase. It is a digital bank offering banking facilities along with cryptocurrency exchange services.

Payment gateway service providers are essential elements of the current crypto arena as they speed up the acceptance of crypto assets around the world. Business owners have been averting crypto adoption due to volatility.

Extreme volatility dents crypto utility because even the huge crypto advocate has limited options. It is the primary reason why cryptocurrency exchange processors are significant. They offer businesses an option to use crypto for a transaction without the need for a crypto-fiat conversion tool or crypto wallet.

Suissebase offers B2B clients a chance to create a cryptocurrency portfolio. Install their app on your iPhone or Android and start trading, buying, and selling crypto. It is also an online bank that offers its registered account holder a crypto card.

Advantages of crypto payment gateway for small businesses

Zero chargebacks

Refunds or chargebacks are a pain, especially for eCommerce merchants. However, cryptocurrency payments are irreversible because of their blockchain technology. So, zero chargebacks across crypto payment processors.

Instant payment

Transaction payments are settled much more rapidly with cryptocurrencies. Conventional payment processes conducted via banks take 4 to 5 working days or depending on the location. On the other hand, transaction via crypto payment gateway is instantaneous. No waiting or no delays!

P2P transactions

There is a direct peer-to-peer interaction between B2B and B2C with a crypto payment gateway. Therefore the transaction time for the payment process to finish is decreased. There is also no compromise in the security protocols.

Capture international market

As the popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing, it is creating opportunities for small businesses in the international market. Businesses can now have the ease of payment process across borders and conversion to native currency using the services of a reliable payment gateway.

Easy API integration 

Suissebase has helped multiple businesses add Bitcoin successfully to their accounts. The platform even offers 24/7 committed concierge services. Install the crypto payment plugin and start using it.


The majority of crypto payment gateways are designed to align with popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.


Using a crypto payment gateway removes the common intermediary processing charges. Thus it significantly reduces the operational costs for your business.

In the past couple of years, cryptocurrency adaption is progressing towards the mainstream. Therefore small businesses can leverage it to sustain growth amidst rising competition.