Compare and Buy Best Car Insurance in Singapore 2022

 Car insurance is important because it protects you against any kind of financial damages and losses that can come from a car accident. It will include the cost of repairing your car, towing services, and others. Besides that, it is not just that much coverage, they also provide coverage for passengers, their medical expenses, lost or damaged belongings, and loss of life.

Apart from all of this car insurance also provides covers for accidental damage caused to the third party. Lastly, it also offers you a plethora of benefits like 24×7 emergency roadside assistance, and when your car is in the workshop for repair it provides a daily transport allowance.

Here is the comparison of the best car insurance in Singapore, 2022.

HL Assurance Car Protect360 Insurance

One of the best parts that you will know about this insurance is that it has a low premium and is a car insurance policy especially for the drivers who are Singaporean. It has a broad coverage and appealing incentives. All that you have to do is use authorised workshops and there shall be no penalties when you do not.

Here in this insurance the policy is low cost and workshop policy is also flexible. One of the cons of this insurance is that it has a 1-tier advantage offered, there are no alternatives for add-ons. Another best part that you will know about this insurance policy is that it also covers a broad range of damages to the car, including the Acts of God, riots, strikes. Budget control can do the adjustments of own-damage. Plus, they take an extra S$3,000 for the individual drivers who are 27 years of age or for those who have less than 2 years of driving experience.

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MSIG Car Insurance — MotorMax

One of the reasons why this insurance company is good is because it is one of the longest enduring insurance companies in Singapore for car insurance. You can buy car insurance online now. It has a popular built-up network of around more than 29+ authorised workshops. Those who are brand-conscious and conservative drovers would like to choose this provider of car insurance. It specially offers a car loan protection benefit, if the car owner is no more, then this company will pay off the loan so that the surviving family does not have to worry about the debts. Plus, the cars are so expensive in Singapore that this feature is worth appreciating.

This company offers 2 comprehensive insurance plans – the first plan is the MotorMax plan and the second plan is the MotorMax Plus. The main point of difference between the two plans is that – for those people who have an old car that is not under the warranty, the motor max plan should suffice. There are 30 authorised workshops on the whole of the island. You can also opt for the expensive MotorMax Plus to get the advantages like transport allowance, replacement of the car, and loan protection.

AIG Car Insurance

AIG is one of the most popular insurance companies all around the globe and it is a go-to-the car insurer in Singapore. The collision plan covers specifically collision-based accidents with other vehicles, hit and run, damages, and fire protection due to collision. The plan also offers coverage of the 3rd party damage for up to S$5,00,000 and unlimited coverage for loss of life and injury to the third party. You can also put a limitation on the coverage of the policy for the drivers aged 30,35, or 40 years and above to get a low premium or enhance the coverage by choosing your expected mileage usage over the next 12 months.

If you want more protection then you also get car insurance with a complete plan that offers additional protection including coverages like from theft, windscreen or windows, riots, flood, etc. It also offers coverage of up to S$5,000,000 for damage to the 3rd party property and unlimited coverage for loss of life or injury to 3rd parties.

Two plans are available – Car insurance Complete Plan and Car insurance Collision Plan. The annual premium is $1,024.07 for collision only and $1,172.97 for a car insurance complete plan. There are promotions available like e-voucher benefits which are valid till 31st May 2022.

Allianz Motor Protect

This insurance company’s car plans are good because of the low-cost premiums. It offers a lifetime warranty on repairs and ensures that the repair work on the car is not some sloppy work. And, when your car is in the repair shop for 10 days, it offers a courtesy car every day till your car is fully repaired after an accident or breakdown. These benefits are for the comprehensive plans.

Some of the reasons to buy travel insurance in Singapore is in case you lose your baggage or there is a change in time for the flight or any delay or the pandemic issue, then you would require travel insurance. Although the people of Singapore are very friendly. If you want that the coverage should be less then you should opt for 3rd party only plan or 3rd party+fire+theft plan. They offer coverage of S$5,000,000 to the 3rd party property and unlimited coverage for loss of life, or injury to the 3rd party. Including defence coverage and legal representation for up to S$3,000.

There is also an NCD protector that is there in all 3 plans, i.e. 3rd party, 3rd party+fire+theft, and comprehensive. Plus, promotions are also available where you can get up to a 20% discount and it is valid till 30th June 2022.