Why Look for Full-Time Employment?

When you are searching for a job, you must be clear about what sort of employment you are looking forward to. There can be options of working full-time, part-time, contractual, and others. If you are choosing full-time, you must understand that you need to put in added hours in your workplace and you will receive better returns. You will also be rewarded with extra advantages through company perks and benefits.

So here’s why you should consider having a full-time job:

Steady income

Most full-time employees have their fixed salaries and are paid weekly or biweekly in Canada. You will be paid according to the number of hours you are putting into work and can plan your budget likewise. You will also be paid more as compared to the part-time employees.


Employers are likely to offer you health benefits and other insurance plans like life and dental insurance. You might be paid in full or at discount depending on where you work. You will be able to cover your medical expenses and insurance coverage and will be protected against any emergency.

Paid time off

You will earn a specific period of paid time off and you can use it for vacation or sick leaves. You can also apply for paid offs during holidays, Thanksgiving or Christmas. There are also provisions for paid parental leaves.

Retirement plans

Every employee is eligible to invest in retirement plans and prepare for their future. Certain employers provide employer contribution match and here they match their contribution with their employee’s contribution. You can switch your jobs and keep your plan rolling.

Social security benefits

Full-time employment can improve your social security benefits. These benefits increase with the more you work. You earn the benefits through the services you render, like through paying taxes and they help replace your earnings when you are retired or become disabled.

Job advancement

Employers recruit people in full-time positions because they think it to be long-term investments. They will promote the full-time employees more than they would do with the part-time professionals. The company will be interested in investing in you and this will help you build your career better. You can be benefitted if you are sticking by them for pretty long periods.

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