How is Commercial Architecture Different from Other Types?

While you are considering architecture types, there are a lot of options to look for which include commercial, industrial, residential, landscape, and much more. As this article mainly focuses on the key points regarding commercial architecture, we would be overlooking other types. Rather we would differentiate these other types based on commercial architecture.

Difference between Residential and Commercial Architecture

The key difference between residential and commercial architecture is the size of the building and the interior customization. Residential buildings are small in size and are customized from top to bottom.  Whereas, commercial complexes are more about functionality than looks. They are based on a monochromatic tone and are comparatively bigger than residential buildings.

Difference between Landscape and Commercial Architecture

Landscape architecture mostly consists of parks, public places, and outdoor recreational areas. The main area of consideration regarding landscape architecture is the exterior look. It has to be highly appealing as well as capable enough to attend to huge crowds and daily traffic. Nature should be a key point while constructing landscape architecture. Proper seating and lighting arrangements should be done for the public. Safety too is a key issue that needs to be looked after. All these points make landscape and commercial architecture quite different.

Difference between Urban and Commercial Architecture

Urban architecture needs to cater to mass city life. Proper safety is a key issue in urban architecture where both foot and car traffic is common. This architecture needs to be planned strategically whereby people are open to all amenities of transport and livelihood. They are built specifically to encourage multiple structures and mass living. Proper control of traffic is necessary with road signs and hence the importance of careful construction. These explain the obvious comparison between commercial and urban architecture.

Difference between Industrial and Commercial Architecture

Industrial and commercial architecture is somewhat connected. Industrial architecture typically needs a huge place to cater to the huge employment. It needs to hold machinery and a proper cooling system. There should be enough space for workers to move around freely while a lot of electrical and plumbing lines are key aspects. These prove the obvious differences between industrial and commercial architecture which mostly cater to corporates.

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